Hello ITG fans! Today we are pleased to announce a new Hearthstone player that we have added to our roosters. We have big plans for Hearthstone this year and we are adding fresh talent to our lineup to reach those goals. Keep reading to learn more about our new player Katsitragi!

Where are you from and how did you first get into hearthstone?

Hello everyone. My name is Alexandros “katsitragi” Galanis, I am 20 years old and I am from Athens, Greece. I always liked card games so when I heard from a friend that he has a closed-beta key for a new card game I instantly asked for it and started playing!


What have been your accomplishments over the years in hearthstone? (legend finishes, tournaments won, etc)

I have been playing hearthstone for around 3,5 years but I haven’t participated in many tournaments due to lack of time and cards, so I focused on farming gold and hitting legend multiple times. Although last year when I finally collected every card and got bored of the ladder I started playing tournaments and accomplished 2 top 8 and 4 top 16 in online tournaments but the best are yet to come!


What class is you favorite to play and why?

My favorite class is and was since the start of the game mage. Mage was always a class that had at least 1 deck in meta and that’s why I love it. It is very flexible due to its cards and you can play aggro, you can play mid-range, my personal favorite control(freeze) or even try your luck with casino mage! Mage was also my first golden class and my most played deck is freeze mage by far with over 400 games


What are your goals as a player and your goals with the team?

My goal as a player and as a person as well is to improve every day. So, I try everyday to learn something new in terms of Hearthstone because in my opinion you can never play 100% right due to RNG, so I try to reach as close as I can to 100% by thinking every possible outcome. By achieving this goal, I will achieve my next goal to win local tournaments and expand to global ones, let’s not forget sky is the limit! As far as my goals with ITG I will do my best so as to prove them right for choosing me and win trophies for their collection.