Invisible threat gaming is pleased to announce the singing of 4 new players for the hearthstone division!


Richard A (boxylol) is a livestreamer and videographer living between Korea and Japan. Born out of the Canadian Arctic in Edmonton.

When he is not demolishing Legend players on ladder, he focuses his time on his favorite sport: boxing. His favorite classes are Hunter and Paladin


Téo Eustache  (NKOTB#2127) From France, he has played hearthstone since Naxxramas, he first hit legend with the great tournament and secret paladin. two months in a row.


Trevor Case, h4x#11628. Began playing hearthstone right after closed beta launched. Most recently he achieved legend on two different accounts on NA in the month of November 2017 and finished around rank 850.


Bill Rodgers, (Lezzemos#1804) Starting playing HS in beta. Best finish right around 1k Legend. Numerous online and local tournament top 8 finishes.