We are excited to announce you that after a short break we are back in the CS:GO scene with a Danish roster!

Not all the names are new since there is one you will recognise, without further ado we present you our new roster :

🇩🇰  Martin “miko” Olsen – Team

🇩🇰  Jonathan “IvaNB” Maigaard – IGL

🇩🇰  Kasper “KaHoSc” Schmidt – Entry

🇩🇰  Oliver Tideman “ICE” Berg – AWP

🇩🇰  Emil “Schmidtyy” Schrader – Support


🇩🇰  Morten “M0dEx” Lionett – Team Manager/Coach


miko had played for us before and we are confident in his skill. All the players have great individual achievements but now is time to put their teamwork into the mix.