ITG beside being a big e-sports team is a huge family, and today we can finally announce our new family members! Demons is our new Overwatch team that is ready to go big. #ITGoesbig We took a lot of time to finish the roster, picking the players one by one so we can feel confident for each one of them. Demons also participate in an Overwatch open division for North America and already have a 2W/0L score so don’t forget to check them out here! And also won the AG Weekly #100 which you can check here! We asked them to talk a bit about themselves so let’s have a look at them.

Jasmine “Jazzy” Jin

Age: 20

Position: Analyst/Assistant Manager/Honey Hunter/Being the only girl

Motto: “Always go for the honey.


Brayden “Highway” Whitaker

Age: 19

Position: Coach/Analyst

Few things about him: “I am the Analyst/Coach for ITG. My most valued trait is that I am very proficient in breaking down compositions and maps on a deep level. I can come up with high level strategies and have a very out of the box mindset.


Yasin “Lycan” Al Awadhi

Age: 21

Position: Assistant Manager/Main Tank sub

Few things about him: “As a main tank, my most proficient playstyle is reading my enemies, playing mind games, and understanding what the win condition of every fight is and lead the team to victory.


Jackson “Tres” Bleicher

Age: 16

Position: Projectile/Flex DPS

Few things about him: “I play all DPS characters. I’m able to play a host of different playstyles, from out aiming to out thinking, from aggressive to passive. I have lots of ways of outplaying my opponents.

Main heroes: Genji, Pharah, Widowmaker, Soldier 76


Joshua “QuietJosh” Davis

Age: 21

Position: Off tank/flex

Few things about him: “I try my best to play between an aggressive & defensive style. But in all honestly, theres no better feeling than saving a teammate with a Zarya bubble or defensive matrix and knowing that you were able to turn the tide of the fight as well as save a teammate. If I could, I’d probably only peel haha

Main Heroes: Dva, Zarya, Roadhog, Orisa, Soldier, Brigitte


Scott “ReOp” McCloskey

Age: 15

Position: Main Support

Few things about him: “My playstyle is being very trustworthy of my teammates, i’m often offensive. I like to do 200 IQ plays and bait the enemy team

Main Heroes: Mercy, Moira, Lucio, Ana


Moises “Cal” Perez

Age: 20

Position: Off Support

Few things about him: “As an Off-support player, I mainly play Zenyatta. One of my prominent attributes as Zen player is to have an aggressive play style towards the enemy team. If a Tracer were to flank, I know I can confidently face her in a 1v1 situation and come out victorious. This allows my team to continue the team fight knowing that there won’t be a pesky flanker poking at them.


Joseph “Jayy” Boudreaux,

Age: 18

Position: Hitscan

Few things about him: “My role in the team, is very aggressive assassin type dive tracer.” Jay’s usual position on tracer is right next to Cylipho, the main tank. Both of them play hand in hand and are the most synergetic duo.


Paolo “Cylipho” Borromeo

Age: 19

Position: Main tank

Few things about him: Has a unique ability to track enemy movement the instant it happens. Great at adapting to any composition but is usually aggressive along side Jayy, the hitscan dps. “I like to win getting into my opponents head as rein and running circles around them as Winston.

Main heroes: Reinhardt, Winston, Orisa