It is finally time to learn more about our hearthstone player Clark. Although he is new to the e-sport scene, he flew out to Austin for Dreamhack once again to prove himself.

But let’s see what he has to say about himself and his background at card games.

I’m a 21 year old musician trying to make it in esports as well. I played Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid, but never really got that competitive with it. Face card games are also a favorite of mine because of all the different possible games you can come up with. Since I started playing HS during the middle of the Naxxramas expansion, I have always enjoyed combo decks and midrange style strategies, but in recent years of playing competitively, I have enjoyed learning control styles with varied techs. Now I am trying to win a major tournament and begin streaming full time.

Moving on  to his accomplishments over the years in hearthstone.

I haven’t pushed myself to my limits until recent months, but I have been in the tournament scene for about 2 years locally. It wasn’t until October of last year before I flew out to Denver for Dreamhack. It was my first major, and I placed 29th with a 6-3 record. I have won open cups for HCT points in the past, I won a Challenger Cup not too long ago and will compete for a playoffs position, but I intend on qualifying on HCT points. Currently, my best finish is 165 legend back in April 2018.

What about his overall experience at the Dreamhack?

This was not my first Dreamhack, but it was the first one I attended where I knew most of the players attending, so it was a different experience. In fact, one of my friends Luker specifically told me that your second Dreamhack is always the best, because you know everyone, and you get to chill in between rounds. Plus getting food with players after a long day of slinging cards was a great way to get to know more about them outside of Hearthstone. Outside from the Internet going out in the venue at the end of Day 1, it was a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait for my next tournament top! Top 32 was my goal, so I am glad that I was able to reach it. Unfortunately, this was the second Dreamhack where I was 6-2 going into the final round of swiss to qualify for top 16, and I lost last round. I am not 100% satisfied with all of my choices and plays, but I will not undermine my results along with earning additional HCT points. The biggest pleasure of these tournaments is being able to hang out with friends you’ve made with the game.

After that we asked him if he could change 1 thing at his overall performance there what would it be ?

I would definitely change my thought process going into my last match with Nostam. I fell victim to fatigue after playing 4 previous rounds, and did not consider all my outs. Nostam was very calm and patient with his turns while I was worrying about a match up where I was actually favored. One of his decks I did not prepare well against, so I was unfamiliar with all the ways it could beat me. Sadly, he ended up queuing correctly, and he took the set. I believe if I was focused 100% during that set, I could have influenced it more in my favor.

To sum things up we asked him about his goals as individual player and as an ITG player.

I wish to stream Hearthstone for a living. And I believe if I can become popular enough with the community, proving my worth in tournaments and on ladder, I can make an impact on the community. I believe Hearthstone has a unique aspect to the community, especially with tournament players. We are all against each other, but we feel like friends, and no one ever turned down people’s questions. You can literally approach anyone, ask them about their decks, and suddenly, you’re in a conversation for 20 minutes about crazy experiences you’ve had with the game. For team standings, I will continue to represent ITG for as long as the team needs me. I love the little community I’ve experienced with my teammates, and I will always appreciate the support and guidance that is always shown.

Any last words you want to add considering your Dreamhack 2018 experience?

The only recap I want to promote about Dreamhack Austin 2018, is that I, ClarkHELLSCREAM, stopped Ike’s undefeated Dreamhack win streak.

Finally we as ITG are very happy and proud that he represented us at Dreamhack Austin 2018 and we would like to wish him good luck for both his future Dreamhacks and life !


You can find Clark on Twitter and Twitch